We envision a society where refugee newcomer women flourish and experience belonging in community through cooking, storytelling, and entrepreneurship. 

Core Values

Hospitality - We welcome people around a table, and build connections and cross-cultural friendships through sharing food. 

Resilience - We honour women who cope, adapt and rise above adversity and trauma with strength, perseverance, and hope.

Diversity - We celebrate and share each woman’s unique story, life journey, and culture. 

Transformation - We witness progressive social, economic, and cultural change when women lead.   


To support and empower refugee newcomer women to gain economic security and build social connections in the community through cooking and sharing culinary traditions and stories. 

To create intercultural spaces and opportunities to learn together and build relationships between refugee newcomers and other Canadians through sharing food, culture and stories. 

Women shared food and stories together at the “Storied Cuisine” food event in a local Indigenous community bookshop in October 2018.

Women shared food and stories together at the “Storied Cuisine” food event in a local Indigenous community bookshop in October 2018.

Drinking traditional Korean ice tea at a historical tea house in Seoul in the summer

Drinking traditional Korean ice tea at a historical tea house in Seoul in the summer


Trixie Ling was born in Taipei, Taiwan and grew up in many places and learned about different cultures living in Taiwan, Singapore, United States and Canada. She loves to travel, explore and meet new people through sharing food, culture and stories with others. She is passionate about building connections and friendships with newcomers, and creating diverse, inclusive and welcoming communities. She finds much joy and pleasure in eating and drinking together with friends, neighbours and newcomers.  

She has a Masters in Public Policy and is motivated to create positive systemic social and economic change through policy, advocacy, community development and social entrepreneurship. She is a proud member of the Groundswell Community and its vision for a more just economy. 

Trixie founded and launched Flavours of Hope in March 2018 and it has been a journey of learning, growing and collaborating with community partners. Her social entrepreneur experience has been a humble hustle filled with gratitude, perseverance, commitment and hope.                      

Board of Directors

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Kathy Kwon

Kathy Kwon is a strategy consultant with a background in start-up finance, private equity, systems & industrial engineering, and theology. She has a passion for social innovation and human- and environment-centred design, particularly with respect to the capacity for small businesses in the food and hospitality sector to effect localized social change. In addition to her involvement with Flavours of Hope, her side hustles and interests include co-founding a socially-minded brewery, climbing, and making music

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Jim Barker

Jim Barker is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience and an international portfolio and that includes employment training, recruitment, travel management, bars, and restaurants. He is the Co-Founder and Director of Conferma Pay Ltd. in England and Co-Founder of the charitable organization Groundswell Education Society in Vancouver.

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Monica Krake

Monica Krake is a Vancouver-based entrepreneur with a passion for spirituality and wellness. Monica is co-founder of The Social Agency, a boutique marketing agency specializing in PR and social media marketing. Monica is also the creator of Head + Heart, a spiritual and wellness events calendar and resource guide for North America. Passionate about supporting her community, Monica is thrilled to be a part of the Board of Directors for Flavours of Hope, to play a role in supporting refugee women via meaningful employment. Monica lives with her husband and two young children in Port Moody, BC.

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Loren Balisky

Loren Balisky is co-founder and current Executive Director of Kinbrace, BC’s first and longest serving housing and support community for refugee claimants. Living as a neighbour among people in need of refugee protection, Loren regularly witnesses the transformation for good that happens when food, culture, and personal stories meet. Loren and Tama and their two young-adult children, Abigail and Oliver, live in Vancouver.