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Food, Culture, and Stories

of Newcomers 


Flavours of Hope is a non-profit social enterprise that supports and empowers newcomer women to earn a living wage and build social connections in communities through cooking and sharing culinary traditions and stories.


A Cooking Demo Success:

Venezuelan Party Snacks!

We had an exciting collaboration with Chinatown House, a new co-working and community hub, in bringing people together to experience the first cooking demo in our Cultural Dialogues Through Food series in December 2018.

We learned how to make traditional Venezuelan party snacks, tequeños con salsa guasacaca (cheese sticks with green salsa) and tostones (plantain chips) from Chef Marialejandra Reyes Valerio, a talented Venezuelan woman who came to Canada less than a year ago as a refugee seeking a safer and better life with her partner. We are thankful for a meaningful evening of sharing food, stories, cooking and learning together. Look out for more cultural cooking demo in the new year 2019!

Thankful for the celebration of food, culture and stories at our Storied Cuisine event!

We had a powerful culinary experience at our Storied Cuisine event at Massy Books on Saturday, October 27 as we celebrated food, culture and stories of migration and entrepreneurship. Thank you everyone who came and supported our goals to empower newcomer women and create intercultural dialogue through food stories. We are grateful and inspired by all the strong and resilient newcomer women who cooked their favourite dishes and shared memories and stories of home, family, traditional food and their journey to Canada.

“I am grateful to build new friendships and share our stories of migration. We support each other by listening, telling and sharing our food, recipes, and memories of our families eating around a table. I would love to open a Mexican restaurant and make fresh food from scratch.” - Chef Angeles

Our first exciting TV appearance sharing the vision of Flavours of Hope while making delicious Venezuelan tequenos with Chef Maria on Global Morning News!


10 Amazing Weeks of

Summer Food Market


We had a wonderful summer cooking with talented newcomer women and selling traditional cultural food from Mexico, Venezuela and Middle East at the Summer Newcomer Food Market on Granville Island! We celebrated diverse ethnic food and engaged people in fun games and intercultural activities. We are grateful for all the meaningful conversations, stories, and memories that people have shared with us over good food and drinks.

Thank you for your encouragement, support and friendships as we turn our ideas and dreams into a hopeful reality! We have learned a lot through this experience and will continue to build up Flavours of Hope to empower refugee newcomer women through cultural cooking. Stay tune for upcoming events and community cultural dinners in the fall!   


Carmen, Hayat and Angeles.jpg

Celebrating diverse flavours and stories of hope 

We work with refugee newcomer women to share traditional dishes and stories through pop-up dinner, food events and cooking demonstrations. Our long term big vision is creating a test kitchen and community cafe for women entrepreneurs. We celebrate diverse cultural flavours of food and tell stories of hope of new beginnings and opportunities for newcomers to build relationships and a sense of belonging in the community.   


Adapting and integrating into communities    

Canada has welcomed over 300,000 immigrants and refugees across communities in 2017. Many newcomers arrive in Canada with little support networks and face challenges learning a new language and culture. It is especially difficult for immigrant and refugee women who are often socially isolated, have a hard time making friends, and have difficulty finding suitable jobs to support their family.   

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Bringing people together and building community with food and stories 

Food is a powerful common language in bringing diverse people together around a table and breaking down social isolation and barriers. Eating together and sharing food and stories with people is one meaningful way to create dialogue and build relationships in communities. Many newcomers are resilient and want to share their hopes, passions, and cooking skills with their neighbours and communities.      

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Upcoming Events

Come to our cultural pop-up community dinners
cooked by newcomer chefs in local community kitchens

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Provide a living wage    

Unemployment creates a cycle of poverty and takes a psychological toll on newcomers who need to support their family and earn a living wage. By supporting Flavours of Hope, you help to create opportunities for women to make a livable income and integrate into communities and local economy. 

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Create social connections   

We believe that sharing food and stories together can create stronger community connections. In addition to our weekly subscription ethnic meals, we have cultural cooking classes and pop-up community dinners to eat with newcomers in our neighbourhoods,  build relationships and learn about different cultures and traditions.   

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Build vibrant neighbourhoods

We deeply value community partnerships and collaboration through working together with local farmers, non-profit organizations, churches, neighbourhood houses, food networks and community leaders to build diverse, welcoming and more connected neighbourhoods. 

Food can be a vehicle for social change. It brings people together in a way that very few activities can.
— Anim Steel, Nourish

Newcomer Chefs 

Talented women from different cultures around the world  

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Feb 24 - Hayat.JPG



I am from Damascus, Syria and I loved working as a chef in a hotel to present our traditional Syrian food for visitors and tourists when they come to experience and taste the flavours of Middle Eastern food in Damascus before the war. Food is my own way of communicating to people back home and I want to continue to do the same in Vancouver and make new friends. Cooking is my love language and I feel happy when people love the food and learn more about Syrian culture.  

Feb 24 - Carmen.jpg



I am 26 years old and I'm proud to come from one of the oldest historical cities in the world - Damascus, Syria. I was studying French language and doing translation when the war broke out and we had to leave our home and come to Canada. I like using food as a way to meet new people, tell my story and share my culture. By helping my mother to cook and make food for people, we can earn income and support ourselves. This is what happiness and a sense of hope and peace look like for our family. 


Feb 24 - Angeles.jpg



I am from Guadalajara, Mexico and I love my culture, traditions and food. Some of my favourite Mexican cuisines include tortas ahogadas, tostadas de pierna de cerdo, and cactus. I miss having fresh fruit juice that you can find in almost every street corner.  What I enjoy doing the most is cooking for my family and friends. I want to continue the tradition of having neighbours come over to our house and share food and drinks around the table. I hope I can make a lot of friends through cooking and eating together.

Maria in the market.JPG



I am from Maturin, a small city in eastern Venezuela and I love cooking since I was a child, especially baking. What I like the most about food is its power to connect people together and build positive emotions like joy, delight and warmth. Eating food together is a fantastic way to learn about my own traditional roots and other diverse cultures around me. For me, cooking is a way of taking care of others in the community. It is always an expression of love.